Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sorry for the Delay!

So the story is.....

One night, some of the older campers decided that I would be a great idea to put a whole bunch of trunks out on the floating dock. Through all the fuss of getting the trunks out, into the canoe, and on to the dock, somehow....nobody knows how.....the burb came out of park, rolled down the hill, and splashed into the water. Luckily, no one was hurt, all the trunks were already out, and we have a fun story to tell. Legend has it the burb is still down there.

The office is a tad bit boring today, But camp is just around the corner.....can't wait!

Anyone have any great ideas for movie night movies??


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a little confession.

Many of you may not know this about me, but I REALLY like to pull pranks on people. Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh every now and then. I'm not into those "completely ruin your stuff or humiliate you beyond repair" kind of pranks, but those that bring a smile to everyone involved.

Yes, Yes, it was me that ringmastered the syran wrapping of Willcox's bike, continually changed Todd's facebook status (which always garnishes an alarming number of responses), and sprinkled a tiny bit of salt on the delicious brownies that got served to the leadership table.

While all of these were done in good fun, and with permission of Marietta and Willcox, I am just biding my time for all of it to come crashing back on me. But until then, I will continue to bring some much needed fun to camp.

Which brings me to the real reason for this post. The granddaddy of all pranks gone wrong....the suburban in Lake Ted.

I got the story straight from the owner, and I have all the details, scroll down....all the way...and you will know too!







......just kidding.......tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Turtle

So yesterday was Easter. Well it was such a wonderful Easter for me and any of the camp family that stuck around. Of course I went to church and had a wonderful time at church service. Then for lunch the Willcoxes invited us over for lunch. All I can say for those who haven't had Katie Willcox's cooking is my future wife (if she exists....hmmmmm....maybe I'll blog about that in the future) has a lot to live up to in the cooking department between having momma's cooking and Katie's cooking to contend with. Anyway, Jenn Jones came all the way over from Livingston, TX to visit with us and Conan joined us as well. Well after the meal and some extended talking time with everyone, Jenn and I decided to do a "camp lap". If you don't know the terminology that is just a term we have for walking around camp. During our walking/talking we stumbled upon an interesting site.

Let me preface this tale. As you all should know we are a Christian camp so Easter holds great significance for us. It celebrates Christ death and resurrection which is a huge foundation for all that we believe. But here in America we have also secularized parts of this. One of the images we attribute to Easter, is the Easter bunny. Well I didn't see any bunnies that day, but I did see a turtle.

Jenn suggested that we return Mr Turtle to his home in the lake. I agreed and thought it would be great to let the Easter Turtle have an adventure by sending it down the wedginator. Anyway, we hit the switch for the water, but nothing came out. After thinking for a moment we decided that it would still be great to send him (or her...hey I don't know how to check!!!!).

This simple thing ended up being one of my most fond moments of camp. I launch the turtle down the wedginator and he comes to a stop about 2/3 of the way down. We then watched as he slowly but surely made his way down the wedginator. He stopped every so often, but finally made his way to the edge. Our Easter Turtle paused for about a minute and then like any great wedginator participant took the plunge. Well for those of you who have seen camp you know Mr Ted is really low and b/c of this the drop from the wedge is pretty high. It took the turtle several seconds to finally hit the water and he made a considerable splash.

Jenn and I laughed sooo hard. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in quite some time. But I will leave all of you with this. If ever you find yourself a little scared of doing the wedginator just tell yourself if the Easter Turtle can do, it so can I.


Oh and check back b/c Jenn said she would put up the real pictures and I'll try and add those.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools on Willcox

So, yesterday was April Fools Day. I thought all day about ideas on how to get the camp guys in the office. Sadly, my creative side failed me and I was stuck. Later in the day, some of the guys had this funny smile when they saw me...this turned into laughter near the end of the day. When I asked what was so funny... I was told I would find out. I did... they got my bike. It was wrapped with expert skill and took a few minutes with my trusty knife to set it free.

Good job guys. You got me! Enjoy the picture. Did anyone else have any PHUN April Fools jokes? Feel free to leave your story in the comments!