Friday, February 27, 2009


A lot of campers ask me what I do when camp is not going on. I usually tell them its kinda complicated. So I decided to create a space where everyone could come and learn exactly what it is that me and the other guys in the office do when the hustle and bustle of the summer ends. Sometimes its fun, like the time we did some "research" at the local ATV tracks and I got my Honda 350 stuck in 4 feet of mud; other times its not so fun, like when we pulled giant trees out of Lake Travis for 6 hours. Or maybe it was like 30 minutes, but still, it was not phun.

Hopefully you will get a little bit out of this blog, and hopefully I can remember to post a few things though my busy schedule of hanging out, playing tennis, and watching American Idol or while I'm in the office, planning for the summer, hiring counselors, and recruiting campers. As you can tell, I live a pretty eventfilled life!

I've had many adventures with camper throughout the years. I will post about those too. Like the time I took some older campers to see a scary movie in Dallas, and a certain younger brother came with us, I won't mention names **Dean**, but he was so scared he had to sit next to me. Or the geocaching hunt that took us all over the city of Austin, only to find a series of Rubber Duckies? Weird. Phun times.

I will also give some camp history in this blog as well. Ever heard the rumor about the suburban in Lake Ted. Well, I got the full story. Stay tuned.

As for now, I must get back to playing basketball in the camp office, I mean, sending out important emails. Till next time.