Friday, March 25, 2011

Bring this to summer camp...and you might survive! Part 3/7

Number 3: A strap-to-yo-head flashlight

Ok CAMP folks, lets talk here for a second. We have all been there: walking by the poorly-lit camp tennis courts on a warm Texas Hill Country night when Phillip Jackson thinks it's funny to jump out at you dressed in a gorilla suit...not funny Phil! Really though, we had to revive a mini horse from a heart attack after the gorilla suit scared the poor guy so badly--have you ever had to give a mini horse mouth-to-mouth?

Neither have I, it would be truly horrid if I had to. But, if it came down to it, "I am a lifeguard, I can help."

Nonetheless, the whole messy situation could have been avoided, which is why we recommend a "strap-to-yo-head flashlight," such as the one pictured above! Now, it is not necessary to purchase one quite so Derek Zoolander-esque and high-style, but we understand the importance of phun phashion at Camp Balcones Springs, so go all Blue Steel if you must.

After you find something in your wardrobe that will actually match the head lamp, put it to good use and engage the light feature and illuminate the path before well as blind anyone within a 100 yard radius around you with your 6000 watt fluorescent lamp! Never again will you look so good while keeping the mini-horses safe at Camp Balcones Springs!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bring this to summer camp...and you might survive! Part 2/?

Number 2: An Electric Razor

     Near the end of every term at Camp Balcones Springs we celebrate the Texas tradition of two-stepping, root beer, and country music at Rodeo Round-Up. What happens when, at the end of a night filled with country dancing, you walk up to that special dance partner and lean in for a...nice conversation, and he/she is repulsed by the fact you have a three-week-long unshaved mustache?!

Is the idea really so shocking?! Not until it happens to you! Hence we here at Camp Balcones Springs highly recommend the use of an electric razor to ensure friendly interactions among all of those around you. In addition to improving your hygienic standards, it can also help you keep cooler in the vicious summer heat by removing that sweaty, unwanted insulation on your upper lip. Stay cool camp friends!

Additionally, if you are lucky enough to be signed up for the brand new Llama Styling major class, you can use your own razor to achieve greater accuracy and finer cuts of llama fur! Not only will your llama be the envy of all of your classmates, but your llama will feel better knowing it has been treated with the utmost care and respect. Please be sure to clean the razor after each llama fur design session and before using it again yourself!

Check back again soon for the next installment of "Bring this to summer camp...and you might survive!"

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bring this to summer camp...and you might survive! Part 1/?

Hey boys and girls, here is the first part of a series describing what you need to survive this summer at Camp Balcones Springs! We'll explore the many uses for various sundries (not "sundresses," you don't need those here!) that you should throw in your trunk to have the best time ever!

Here we go with number 1!

1. Neoprene Wetsuit- perfect for Sunday swimming, The Ted 2,000, and sailing class

     Firstly, lets break this down into its base components, neoprene and wetsuit. "Neo-Prene", is a word formed from the latin "no" and "prune," hence, when you wear it, your skin won't get pruney. An added side-effect is that you likely won't have to spend too much time in the restroom! "We-Tsu-It" is derived from an ancient eastern Chinese phrase that roughly translates to "let us take action on this matter," probably referring to the practice of swimming with dolphins as was common in that area at that time.
     When you put the terms together, you can understand why you would need a Neoprene Wetsuit at Camp: "we will swim (with or without dolphins) and not get pruney!"
     Now, you ask yourself "Self, why would I need this at camp?" Why on Earth not?! With all of the phun you can have swimming in Lake Ted for hours upon precious hours during phunanza...and then you won't get pruney!? What a deal! You might even get rich if you can convince the river dolphins to swim to the bottom of the lake and pick up all of the watches, sunglasses, and camp rings Lake Ted has swallowed up over the years (yeah, I'm talking about y'all, Anna Drinkwitz and Dodge Carter, I know the stinging pain of loss!)

     Whether for deep-water treasure-hunting, light surface play on our aquatic landscape, or making up for lost time in the restroom, a Neoprene wetsuit is a must for this summer for camp boys and camp girls alike!

Dolphins + Treasure?

Stay tuned for No. 2 survival coming later this week!

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