Friday, September 21, 2012

Wet Weather Finally Visits CBS


Interestingly enough, this past week we saw a mysterious liquid falling from the sky quite frequently. Could it be? Yes…it was RAIN! The sweet smell of Fall precipitation was in the air as our poor, dehydrated grass gulped as much water as its roots could hold. In fact, it rained five inches in less than 24 hours! The cooler weather also felt quite nice compared to the oppressive summer heat.

All this talk of rain makes me think back to the summer of 2007; the summer of the great flood of CBS. Those of you who were at camp that year know exactly what I’m talking about.

One fine day in June that summer, it began to rainand rain—and rain some more. It poured for two days straight and increased the lake levels by five feet! It just would not stop raining. By the end of the month we were beginning to wonder if we would ever see a full day of sunshine. Toward the end of the summer the city of Marble Falls had to evacuate citizens that were caught in the flooding down by the lake. The water had overflowed from Travis and came almost all the way up to the riflery range! Pretty hard to believe, right?

Needless to say, CBS has certainly had its fair share of extreme weather. But one thing remains constant: we always find ways to have as much PHUN as possible, no matter the circumstances. Whether its story time during water breaks or rainy day games in the gridiron, counselors never waiver in their commitment to build lasting relationships.

So when you have the rainy days blues, or when you’re tired of the unrelenting heat, always keep in mind how quickly the weather and your attitude can change. God has a way of turning a grey sky blue, and changing a boring day into a day to remember.