Monday, April 14, 2014

Father/Daughter Weekend at CBS!

This past weekend, the Retreat at Balcones Springs held our annual Father/Daughter Weekend! Tons of dads and their lovely little ladies joined us for games, fun, and most importantly—quality time together! Our visiting dads and daughters played volleyball, went fishing, soared up into the air on our Charlotte’s Web trampoline, flew through the sky on the Screamer—a rope’s course “ride” that lets participants securely soar back and forth after dropping from the top of our rock climbing wall--, handmade pizzas together, and finally, got dolled up for a fancy dinner party—very similar to our popular Girls’ Dinner event during summer camp.

Some comments left by our guests include:
“We love it here…it really is a special place.”

“This is my second trip to the Retreat. I am very impressed, Your staff always makes me feel welcome and special.”

“It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to come back.”

We loved hosting the Father/Daughter Retreat, not only because we had the pleasure of meeting so many fabulous dads and daughters, but also because it got us thinking about our summer camp program! Less than two months remain until our gates open for the first term of camp! If this weekend sounds fun to you, prepare to be blown away by how much we have to offer during camp season! Visit our Camp Balcones Springs website to sign up.