Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 5 and our first adventure in Manuel Antonio

We started off our stay in Manuel Antonio with a bang…and a delicious breakfast. Crafted by Adrienne and Teddy, the meal consisted of: corn tortillas (a Costa Rican classic), chorizo, bacon, eggs, homemade salsa, pickled onions, perfectly roasted tomatoes. After filling our bellies with delicious food we started our trek to the Savangre River. Along the way we saw a palm oil plantation where workers were doing all stages of harvesting. We even had a pit stop to put rocks in the back of our “coach” bus, piloted by Freddy and Andres our new best friends, so the weight was distributed evenly for our downhill drive. Our traverse lasted about an hour driving through the gorgeous Costa Rican cliff side. Upon arriving we got to explore the area and see gorgeous views of the river on a suspension bridge. From there we suited up in our safety gear (helmets, lifejackets, and paddles) and enjoyed a nice protocol speech by our “rescue kayak” guide, Ronny. 

We were divided into three groups of five for the trip; Team NaeNae, Dream(ing) team, and AYE AYE AYE AYE. The rapids started immediately and we put our safety speech to use when we hit a rapid sideways that sent Ian tumbling into the water. His flip flops, paddle, and dignity were dispersed throughout the class III rapids. We quickly tag-teamed the rescue by grabbing the floating objects (including Ian). All was well as we continued on our trip down the river. Ian however was not the only swimmer today that went swimming; Xena, Michael, Kyle, Stuart, Travis, Cole, and their guide Ivan all took a tumble on the same rapid. Not to boast or brag but the Dream Team made it through this rapid unscathed. 

Just over halfway down the river we had the opportunity to stop at a majestic waterfall and swimming hole. On the wooded path one of our guides hid in a bush and as each of us walked by he rustled the nearby foliage and startled passersby with Javelina noises. Teddy, Annabelle, Cole, and Reed turn tailed and sprinted away which led to many laughs from those not fooled by the guide’s antics. While in the waterfall, Xena and Reed climbed slippery rocks falling victim to the growing algae. After enjoying our time in the waterfall we climbed back in our boats eager to take on upcoming rapids. During our journey we encountered a large Rainbow Boa napping on a branch in order to digest his food for the upcoming week. We got to see the snake up close as Andres guided us underneath and around the snake’s tree. 

Upon returning to base camp we enjoyed a Tico Costa Rican meal consisting of rice, beans, chicken, and vegetables. After a long day of adventure we headed back to the hotel to relax on the private beach. Some of us decided that the day of adventure was not over as we boogie boarded and body surfed our way to exhaustion. Our night was capped off by a delicious meal planned by Teddy and executed by a team of sous chefs (Kyle-sautĂ© chef, Madeline-grill master, Hayley, Travis, and Gretchen-prep cooks). It was a great way to end such an awesome day. We are off to enjoy a Pazookie made by Annabelle. 

We hope your day was as adventure-filled as ours!

Sloth Watch 2014: Day 5
After getting excited about thinking that we had spotted one on the river, our guide informed us that we were actually seeing a termite nest…..what a disappointment.
Total: 1

-3 of the 5 Dream Team Members: Ian, Adrienne, and Gretchen
(we apologize for not having pictures, but the internet is not cooperating with us. We are all safe and sound and looking quite tan after our day on the water....besides Madeline)

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