Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pura Vida Day 3 & 4

Yesterday in a nutshell = raining, hiking, laughing, PHUN. We began our morning with breakfast, but a another speed bump occurred. Unfortunately, the Safe House was double booked; however, our quick-minded chaperones pulled a “Peyton Manning Omaha!” and devised a “no questions asked” adventure (spoiler alert: questions were asked, and not answered). Ten minutes and 100 “what are we doing?!” questions later, we arrived at Arenal National Park where we would make our 457 step decline to admire the majestic 286 foot waterfall. We had a traditional CBS photo shoot by the waterfall and then explored and swam around the area. When it was time to leave we trekked back up the same 457 stairs, much harder than camp’s Ted Steps of course. Our legs were tired but our spirits were high!

For lunch we ate in town at Sol de Visquez and devoured another typical Costa Rican meal—this time it was a buffet. Big Eats (Kyle) once again did his thing…eat A LOT.  After lunch we headed back to our hotel and bid adios to our wonderful tour guide, Nuelvin – what guy. Luckily we had just enough time to sneak in a little siesta before our next expedition.

Upon arrival at the Volcan Arenal, we split into two separate groups and hiked the base of the ACTIVE volcano (last eruption was in 2010, don’t worry—we survived). Along the trail, the tour guides pointed out all three of Costa Rica’s venomous snakes and a termite habitat—aka “dis lump of poop”, to quote the guide (yes, their humble abode is their very own poop). We reached the tree line, which was as high as we were permitted to hike, and had another photo shoot just for you lovely parentals! After taking in the views, we were ready for yet ANOTHER phun activity and headed back down the trail. Most walked, but some (some =  Monica) slipped down the muddy terrain. The journey back was made much easier through our excitement about what the night had in store: Costa Rica’s classy version of Schlitterbahn.

Our fun-packed day was topped off at Tabacon Hot Springs where we relaxed in pools heated by the volcano. There was lounging, there was slipping, and there was some Home Run Derby watching. We were amazed by the beauty of this natural outdoor sauna. A couple hours later, we again stuffed ourselves silly at dinner with an unexpected Asian buffet. Big Eats outdid himself and our expectations of his stomach capacity by piling his plate high with sushi, lo main, dumplings, fish, vegetables, spring rolls, fried rice, grilled chicken, beef teriyaki, barbeque pork ribs, and garlic bread. He made sure to try each of the mini desserts as well, “it’s okay because they are small, right?” We concluded the night back at the hotel writing this blog entry and reminiscing on our super happy fun fun times at Arenal Springs in La Fortuna.  

Today was spent entirely on the road as we headed towards our final destination in Manuel Antonio at the Buena Vistas Resort. We stopped once for lunch and to shop for souvenirs, and again to overlook a river where blood-thirsty crocodiles bathed in the mud. Six hours later, we finally made it to our hotel where we are staying in gorgeous bungalows with views of the beach.

We hoped you enjoyed the innovative, brilliant, and sophisticated voices of M&M (Michael & Monica) + Cole the Carpenter. PURA VIDA BABY!

Sloth Watch: 1!!!!!!!!!!! –we met our dearest Karl on our drive today; he was stereotypically hanging in the trees, just being a classic sloth.
Total: 1

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