Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our last full day in Manuel Antonio (Day 8)

Dear Future Me,

                For the first time in the summer of 2014, you chose to be active voluntarily. Some key factors in this momentous decision include: getting 13 hours of sleep (note, the hours were 8 P.M.-9 A.M.), eating a hearty breakfast, and waking up to “Summer” by Calvin Harris. By having these rare events occur, you were bound for a fantastic day. If you don’t remember, the first thing you did after breakfast was zip-lining. The ride was electric, with you, Cole, and Michael all free-styling in the back of the bus. Upon arriving at the destination, you were greeted by some very optimistic Costa Ricans. The zip lining course was in a very dense rainforest and you began your climb to the top of the mountain with a rare grin followed by a frustrated frown. The hike turned out not to be that bad because you were followed by the paparazzi guy, Jose the Cameraman. Our first zip-line was relaxing and effortless and was greeted at the end by our psycho guide speaking in a demonic Costa Rican voice. The best way to describe this…person… would be that he is a mix between Smeagle and The Joker.  You made your way through numerous other runs including a free fall drop and a Tarzan swing. At the end of the course you ate some all you can eat rice and chicken. Jose the Cameraman was showing his pictures throughout the meal and I have to admit, you were looking pretty good. As soon as we got back to the casa, you and the crew decided to go for a swim in the Ocean. You enjoyed the gnarly waves and the great views of the playa. Following the beach we came back to our bungalows for a brief hour and then headed out to La Luna for a gourmet dinner accompanied by live music—the singer sounded like a Costa Rican Adam Levine (Note to self: Always get the beef tenderloin, followed by the Chocolate Lava Cake, as it was fantastic). After the fabulous meal, we headed back to the bungalows to hang out and play games. 

Kyle, Travis, Stuart

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